"I have been working with Sarah to really push myself in ways I wasn’t able to on my own. The result so far has been incredible! I was hesitant to try coaching at first, but it has been so refreshing and helpful to get passed road blocks I didn't even know existed! I cannot say enough good things about her." - Christie
"Sarah has been such a wonderful support and voice of love for me. Her insight and deep questions have enabled me to discover what I'm capable of, and start me on the track of finding myself again. She was interested in my story and made me feel important from the very beginning." -A
"Throughout the 11 months working with Sarah, she truly helped me find myself. I didn’t change, she just helped me find what was already there. Sarah is amazing at being caring, empathetic, understanding and authentic. She helped me remember that my feelings are valid and true and I should never be ashamed of them. I worked with her through some of my lowest and some of highest times in my life. Outside of even our scheduled talks, she introduced me some of my, now, favorite authors and speakers. Sarah has a gift and I am so glad that she is using it to help others just like myself learn just how important we all are and that we indeed have a purpose- it sometimes just takes that outside person to help us dig a little deeper to find it."  -Lauren
Coaching came into my orbit at the exact right time. Before I started coaching I was struggling to work through lost friendships and relationships while also attempting to set career goals and find my footing amidst many passions. Sarah's authentic energy and compassion gave me the space and tools I needed to look clearly at the past and present & come face to face with the challenging moments. After each of our conversations I felt rejuvenated and refreshed with a desire to continue learning and to look at mistakes as trajectories to growth and not as set backs. Her genuine excitement and desire to get me to where I wanted to be was truly a reflection of her gift as a life coach. After nearly a year of coaching I feel more grounded and in tune with my inner wisdom. Sarah is dedicated to her craft, and from the first call it shows. I am (and will be) forever grateful for the genuine connection I made with Sarah and for the loving space she created that allowed me to take shape into the person I am today. I cannot recommend her highly enough. - Nicole
"I am grateful to have Sarah as my coach. Sarah, through her compassion and empathy, gave me the safety for me to be vulnerable, and helped me see the real me and what I am capable of. Her authenticity and her service mindset is a real gift to me. After every conversation with her, I feel moved, inspired and ready to take on every challenge that comes my way. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" -M.R.