Six Week Intensive

Anxious to turn things around? In the midst of a big transition? Dying to break out of the monotony? During the six week intensive we will meet once a week over the phone to focus in on creating quick and powerful change. This option is best suited for those who have something specific they want to address. 

Investment: $650

Three Month Jumpstart

Feeling pretty confident that you can get things moving but just need a little jumpstart? Are you excited to start something new but aren't sure what's stopping you? In the three month jumpstart we will meet twice a month to get you moving in the right direction. We'll focus on identifying and nudging aside (or maybe obliterating) obstacles. 

Investment: $700 or $250/month

Six Month Deep Dive

Are you ready to create something new with your life. Is there a voice in your mind that keeps repeating "There is something bigger waiting for you." I'm not going to lie, this is my favorite package because this is where I get to witness huge transformation. This is where we get redesign how you navigate your life and where we turn dreams into reality. 

Investment: $1,200 or $250/month